I want my dad back

January 31, 2009
By Anonymous

I keep reflecting on our time together
It seems like everything that could've gone wrong
Did go wrong, it went horribly wrong
But we always seemed so strong

You were my daddy
You always will be
You are supposed to be my father
Which you are to some degree

But I need a dad in my life
You are obviously not going to suffice
If you cannot understand your own daughter
Then how can I rely on you for advice?

I want to feel a sense of belonging
To be loved and wanted
When I'm around you
It seems like I am just being daunted

When I see you
Or know you're calling
I hide in fear
I feel like just crawling

Why aren't you stepping up?
Why aren't you treating me
Like you do Sarila
Or is this relationship just not meant to be?

Am I forever to call Matt my dad
I can rely on him to be one
He won't make me sad
I won't feel like I've been outdone

By someone six years younger than myself
Someone spoiled rotten
Someone who doesn't know the meaning of suffering
Because she's never been forgotten

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