Next Time

January 31, 2009
By Anonymous

You made me cry most of the time
Happy times there once were
But what does it really matter
When it's you we all despise
You screwed all of us over
One by one, until there were none left
You made me smile, you made me cry
But never once did you say goodbye
Because that would be too much for you
You couldn't handle that at all
You couldn't plan it through
You threw me for a hoop of flames
And promise that with each throw
That I would end up safe and happy
But the damage, the wreck, the horror
Was never mentioned once by you
You told me of all the blissful reasoning's
But not one of the hardships through
I guess that by hurting me more
My hate for you just began grow
Maybe when the next time comes
And you pop out number five
Just think of what you did to me
The hurt, the confusion
All the lies and all the anger
Maybe it will make you think twice
Before you become a father again

The author's comments:
I write about what happens to me, what I feel, and what the people around me are going through. If you aren't a big fan on what I write about, stop reading. I am who I am, no one's approval is needed.

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