January 30, 2009
By Matt Peyerk SILVER, Allegan, Michigan
Matt Peyerk SILVER, Allegan, Michigan
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The putrid stench that's in my mouth
All the spewing words frigid and sour.
I don't mean to think you're a disgrace,
I don't know how to deal with miserable pain.
My gentle nature and gracious heart devoured,
My bones cracked to your crooked sunshine in my eyes.
All the howling and disrupting cries, my mind's lies,
I try to ward off the evil spirits that won't die.

Every sound or song reminds of this devilish feeling,
I find myself missing what I had so many years ago,
When I was blissful in the midst of nothing and not caring
Now I long to be free again, to play the sea,
To roam without shackles tying me down every moment.

A disease for my head, a bomb for my body,
Like a radioactive spider killing my frail insides.
You're just an illusion of made up dreams,
And misguided desires.

My feet a thousand pounds, the stone ceiling
That consumes my every strangled move,
Just crush my back upon the floor, get it over with.
Take me to the gallows and put out this fire.

I can't fight. I can't think. The stench, the deathly shower.
My love, the black truth of my life, you're tearing me apart..

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