My Story

January 16, 2009
By Mariah Durrant, Hancock, WI

Such a pig.
His head starts to get big,
from that bottle he takes another swig
He thinks she wants it,
but she says no
His true colors start to show.
Shes lyin on the floor beggin,
prayin for it to stop.
She saw why they warned her
but if she told is what concerned her.
What would he do?
No one knew what she was going through.
Days passed,
She had enough and started poppin pills fast
had no idea what it would do.
Just wanted to get away,
texted a friend didnt have much to say.
Mom walked in,
there on the bed she laid.
Her best friend saved her life,
went to the hospital
And saw her cuts from the knife.
Told everyone a lie
inside she started to die.
Thought no one would care.
Three days later she got out .
With another friend she did share,
why she really did take the pills.
Before you knew it the truth starts to spill
the girl goes home.
Tells Mom how come ,
Mom starts to cry .
To turn him in is what they decide
they tell the cops
and close by he still presides,
taunting and laughing
from a far.
See him sitting in his car.
Everything changes,
nothing feels the same.
To him its just a game!
To church he comes around,
she tries not to make a sound.
But she starts to ball
He's not supposed to be there
the judge went through it all
months pass...
A word from the DA alas,
He gets to walk away,
with a slap on the wrist.
The girls heart turns cold
As she clenches her fist,
he caused so much pain
even drove her insane.
but to some he did nothing wrong
because he asked her out ,
only hours before
to her heart she closes the door.
Confused and searching for something more.
All because she went on a date,
and she didnt tell until it was too late.
So girls if this ever happens to you
you know what you have to do!
Someone will understand what your going through
I know i do!
Even if youve been together forever,
it doesnt matter
If you havent seen him ever,
Its all the same!
If he wanted and took something more,
than you were willing to give
And he just took it as a game.
Caused so much pain
but no matter what it will be okay.
Even if he just gets to walk away.

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem after I was raped, on Easter of 2008, I was going through a lot and did not know how to express my feeling besides crying all the time so once again I turned to writing. This poem is so true, if this does happen to you be sure to report it.

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