Where, Oh Where

January 16, 2009
By Ryan Hart, Lake Forest, IL

A lime tastes good with lemon juice,
Cutting your lips with it's acidity.
Put the lime in da coke, you nut,
Love the awesomeness and liquidity.
Coconuts make me feel something,
But for shame I can't use an adjective.
This poem's difficulty is, um,
Something I cannot say to you.
Max said I'm writing about food,
I suppose lime in da coconut is.
But this doesn't feel like a poem,
Just something written according to rules.
I am getting better at this,
But I still use "something" to say something,
Just a kink to work out sometime.
Damn it, I wish I had my adjectives,
Where, oh where are my adjectives?
I wish I could find my Damn adverbs,
"Damn" might be an adjective.
But I am giving up since I'm something.

The author's comments:
The form is alternating lines of 8 syllables and 10 syllables. Also, as you might of guessed, I couldn't use adverbs or adjectives. Anyway, this is what I produce when I have to follow such rules.

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