July 12, 2009
Love is a mysterious thing
You dont know how to find it
It finds you
You don't know how to express it
The other person just knows
Love is a feeling
Deep inside that you know
But you don't know
You may think you know it
Only to find out that wasn't it
Love brings you up one second
But brings you down another
It isn't until that certain
Special someone
That God has chosen for you
That you absolutely know for sure
That it's true
Love can be different things
The happy times
The sad times
A simple laugh
A simple smile
A simple kiss
A simple touch
Words can't explain love
Actions, silence, and speaking with
That's love
The world could be at it's end
But you don't think of it
You think of love
And that special someone
As the world stops turning
A gaze into those eyes
And you just
You know it's
It can be confusing
But then again
What's so confusing about it
You don't figure out
Love is love
No questions asked
No words can explain it
Love just is
Now let me ask this one question
Why is it so important
To write about love
When people need to find it
On thier own
Do you really need an instrction manuel
It's something to think about

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