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By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

Youwere never Casanova,
But that never bothered you,
And that's what remindsme most of kissing in the rain.
And I've got soaking-wet hair above myshoulders
To prove I was there - and I got my souvenir.
And I'm standinglistless, with a cheap foreign map
In an expensive downtown city by thatlittle latte shop
Where you bought my ring and they have cats
Watching meget rained on from the windows.
So now you jump out and ask me where I'vebeen,
(Like it was me who wasn't on time)
And I pretend I'm mad to make youfeel bad
But it doesn't work, and you know I'm faking it.
And you grabbedme by surprise, five minutes late
(I'll give you credit for that).
Fiveminutes more, and I would've walked away
Because I know you've been hiding
To see how long I'd wait, and how much I love you.
You were neverCasanova,
But that never bothered you
And that's what I remember most
About kissing you in the rain.

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