The weight of the world

July 12, 2009
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The weight of the world
On my shoulders
Friends, Family, Loved
I love them
But, I have my own problems.
I have my own responsibilities
My own decisions to make.
My own dreams to follow.
I like that you come to me.
I like that you trust my advice.
But, I need to be set free.
I need not all of your problems,
I have so many of my own.
The weight of the world is on me.
It’s crushing me to the point where I cant even Breathe.
I need it lifted off.
I need my space.
I may sound selfish.
I may sound insincere
But, I can’t handle the weight of the world.
No matter how hard I may try.
It’s just to much.
The problems are bombarding me.
I’m going to snap one of these days.
And hope that your not close,
Because, the weight will transfer,
From me to you.
It’s the weight of the world.
Get used to it.

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