Spectrum MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

Isaw red once.
It was early and cloudy
but there was that one break in theclouds
that you knew the sun
would find sooner or later.
Eventually itdid find it
and the east caught fire in the sky
water droplets burningbrightly
reds thrown every which way
and from my seat on the bus
Red Morning. Fiery Warning.
When my hair was longer
it used totumble down my back
enter twined with golds and subtle oranges
almost likecopper.
Now it hangs around my shoulders
singed short.
Sign of Morning? No - a subtle Warning.
A sign that I'm growing up
a sign of changes tocome.
Maybe you'll recognize me
maybe you won't.
My actions maychange
My reactions may be skewed
and my beliefs may falter
but I'mstill me.
What you believe is up to you
what you see is still thesame.
Don't see what I "was"
or what I'm "going tobe.
See only me.
Period of Morning. Two-minute Warning.

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