Roach Injustice MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

LastWednesday I killed a roach with my bare knuckles
I didn't know what else I wassupposed to do
That thing was just parading around my feet,
waiting to befed by fallen crumbs of muffin
Oh how gruesome, how much I wanted to heave atthat
ugly brown creature that stood so beneath me
And so what else did Ido?
What else could I do?
I killed it, I took its life
I so easilyraised my hand and placed it smack upon this tiny creature,
twisting rightand twisting left to make sure it was static
For that one moment myboulder-like hands held the remnants of a creature's life
A creature's life Iso easily stole
A father who was not trying to invade my space, but trying invain to feed his growing family
The tears started to come
These tearsstarted to roll and collide and roll and collide
Until a big collective dropof transparent gleam fell upon the Father's distorted self
First, it was theright leg, then the arms, the abdomen, and then the head that it touched
Slowly, my tears covered Mickey's entire body
The life and soul ofsomething innocent I so easily stole
I knelt down beside Mickey and began toshake, sobbing,
contemplating the worthiness of my very existence

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