I've Learned

July 12, 2009
By Anonymous

I learned what I wanted, wasn’t really what I wanted.
I learned what I believed, wasn’t really what I believed.
I learned that sometimes people teach you lessons without you knowing it.
They open your eyes to something you had never thought of.
Or just renew a thought stirring in your head.
I learned what I thought was wrong, isn’t really wrong.
What I valued, isn’t really what I value.
I learned I value love and appreciation.
From people that love you, no matter whom they may be.
I learned I didn’t value love and appreciation.
From people that are superficial and vein.
I learned that you have to look beyond who you are, to find who you are.
And sometimes who you are, isn’t who you wanted to be.
I learned about acceptance.
I learned how to say, “screw it”
I learned that no matter what people think, only you matter in the end.
And the people that matter to you most, are never the people you’d expect.
I learned that boundaries are meant to be crossed, rules meant to be broken.
I learned that standing still gets you nowhere.
But running gets you nowhere fast.
I learned that sometimes what you need is always there, you just have to find it.
I learned that who I thought I was, isn’t who I am.
I learned to be okay with that.

The author's comments:
Personal, yet completely fictional.

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