The Purpose of Life

July 11, 2009
By Bria Schumpert BRONZE, Newberry, South Carolina
Bria Schumpert BRONZE, Newberry, South Carolina
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Life is love
So sweet and true
Life is heartbreaking
So lonely and cruel
Life is happiness
With smiles and hugs
Life is sadness
With goodbye's and cries
Life is madness
With hates and threats
Life is full of blessings
With miracles and surprises
Life is a test
Everyone's trying to past
Life is a special gift
Too precious too sweet
Life is the world
That makes up you and me

The author's comments:
Whenever I'm in the mood or bored I like to write in my journals or write poetry. Most of the time I write when I'm mad or sad because that's my peaceful way of letting out my anger. I write about happier things when I'm just daydreaming or thinking of happy times. That's exactly what I was doing when I created this poem. The lines just popped up in my head like whoa! I thought to myself that is so amazing and so true. I can read it through the good and the bad times and use it as my little guide in life. Bam! I quickly wrote it on paper. This poem helps me to understand that life is life. Everyone's going to have their ups and downs, so I'm not alone. It also helps me to understand that whether you want something to happen or not everything happens for a reason. If I couldn't handle these things in life God wouldn't have put me on this earth. Most important this poem helps me to understand that NOBODY or their life is PERFECT! I hope that everyone who reads this poem comprehends the same as I did. GOD BLESS!!

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