My Guardian Angel

July 11, 2009
By BabyDoll1024 BRONZE, O&#39fallon, Missouri
BabyDoll1024 BRONZE, O&#39fallon, Missouri
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Looking in the past,
Of the shadows that once surrounded me;
Never thought I'd escape,
The fate that seemed to be decided without my voice.
As my world crashes around me,
As Im sucked into a place so apalling;
So cold.
You pulled me out.
You saved me from myself.
The light you put in my life shined brighter,
Than anything I'd ever seen.
The hope you put inside me was stronger,
Than anything I'd ever felt.
You gave me strength.
You made me believe in myself.
Together we're unstoppable,
Bound by a connection,
No one, nothing in the world,
Could ever disintegrate.
You saw me at my worst.
You built me back to the person I am now;
Replacing the thought of a defective world,
With hope that theres more to life than Ive observed.
No ones ever cared about me enough to stop,
and take the time to help.
They usually laughed and walked away.
You taught me to love.
You taught me how to be loved.
And in that youu have given me the greatest gift,
I could have ever received.
You gave me something to live for.
A life I could handle,
As long as you were there with me,
My Guardian Angel.

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