July 11, 2009
By XxJohnHxX GOLD, Wheaton, Minnesota
XxJohnHxX GOLD, Wheaton, Minnesota
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Death before dishonor. Friends and family for life.

Another day, another fight.
They wanna start something every night.
They push, they hit.
I’m getting sick of it!
They think it’s cool to make me out to be a fool.
But they’ll all soon see, the very demon in me.
When the full moon comes their hate will stop.
They’ll be sorry when their cold dead bodies drop.
You’ve pushed me past the limit.
I can no longer control it.
The hunger consumes me and possesses my body.
I grow in size, the fangs extend.
Now I’ll bring this pain to an end.
They call us many names, but I like werewolf.
I lead them to a secluded spot,
Wait for the moon and give back the pain they brought.
They go missing, and the families all cry.
Let this be a lesson to all,
You mess with me, you will surly die.

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