Time Bomb

July 11, 2009
By Anonymous

What is life after death;

what is life before it?

whats the meaning of life;

that I should flourish;

what should give me strength?

give me courage;

what should make me feel like I'm not alone;

what the heck is a home?

when I'm feeling so bad, feeling so wrong;

All these questions that i ask

with no one to answer;

there's a black hole in my soul;

sucking everything in its path;

do I seem happy to you?

You do the math;

the Dark shards of my heart sits in the confinements of my mind;

I'm like no girl you know;

I'm one of a kind;

but that doesn't make things better;

I'm one of a kind. I don't change the weather;

I'm a time bomb;

tick tocking away;

trying answer all these questions;

trying have a better day;

so I sit in the dark now;

trying come in to terms with myself;

I'm going crazy right now, my soul has LEFT;

I hope I can find my self SOON. very, very soon;

because I'm running out of time.

TICK. tock. BOOM.

The author's comments:
I usually write pretty deep poems but I was even shocked MYSELF after I came up with this, I dont really know where it all came from, it just sort of happened, Tell me what you think about this one :)

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Chris_m said...
on Jan. 6 2014 at 3:06 pm
It's good.  :) A bit depressing matter,  but I like the gradation and expresiveness and I've felt similarly,  so I can relate well to that. 

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