Insecurity of my depart

July 11, 2009
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As my scars on my face
Fades as the darkness
Covers my eyes
Of seeing hope, that I lost
My grip that has fallen
Of what I have become
The scars on my wrist
Marked me for life
Left burdens
As my secure voice
Was unheard of
Through the screams
Of my cries
The tightness of the chains
Around my neck
Deeply griped me
With all it’s might
As I stare out to space
To that full moon that night
To the blurry view of myself
The scars of my tears
Vanished within the air
As a feather so worthless
And pointless
To keep me alive
With a beat to my heart
For I sin
Of my foolishness
And the reason beneath of all the truths
Of where I belong
To stop a breathe with no pressure
To live any longer
To depart myself to the truths
But to combine the lies and the hate
To my insecurity of my depart
As I can’t live any longer

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