The Nightmare

July 11, 2009
By lifeisabeautifullie BRONZE, West Brooklyn, Illinois
lifeisabeautifullie BRONZE, West Brooklyn, Illinois
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I close my eyes to sleep,
And down I go, very deep.
Deep deep down, I go
Where dreams begin to flow.

I ascend into darkness first,
With a dying thirst
For the unknown I face,
Here in this empty place.

I enter a forest in the blackest night,
The scene presented, quite a fright.
Terrified, I try to run away,
But the demons of my dreams hold me at bay.

Out of darkness I come into light,
Wondering where I am in this dream tonight.
I hear a voice, I turn around to see
A person, in this lonely place, calling out to me.

I go to see who it might be,
But the apparition disappears in my reverie.
I feel all alone in this place,
I turn around to find a big horse in my face.

I mount the horse and take off running,
Escaping from invisible pursuers with cunning.
The scene changes, I find myself in a room,
A room of the darkest and dreariest gloom.

I see an animal approaching me,
Its anger in the highest degree.
I back away towards the wall,
And find myself starting to fall.

I awaken to find it is not true
And find myself staring at a ceiling of blue.
On a cold table of steel
In a morgue hoping this isn’t real.

Panicking, I try to awaken.
Finding myself thoroughly shaken,
I am presented with a gun.
Can this dream get anymore fun?

I put the gun to my head
At this point, I wish myself dead
I pull the trigger
To discover something bigger

I open my eyes and behold reality
I am awake and alive in actuality
Finding it was just a dream,
That made me awaken with such a scream.

The author's comments:
just a compilation of some of my nightmares =)

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