Ghost in a dream

July 11, 2009
By Gothic_Princess BRONZE, Bainbridge, Ohio
Gothic_Princess BRONZE, Bainbridge, Ohio
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In a little old house
On the edge of town
Lives a little baby girl
With her head held down

She sits alone
In a dark filled room
Writing and waiting
To hear the final boom

The echoing screams
Will fill the night
One more must fall
Before the end of the fight

As the sun awoke
On the scarlet grass
A small face peered
Out the broken glass

The scene that she saw
Scared her still
She hoped ans she hoped
It wasn't real

And Three hours later
She awoke with a scream
And all that she was
Was a ghost in a dream

The author's comments:
Ah one of my favorites for sure! Its the classic nightmare story,a young kid dreams bad things and it scares them,this kid dreamed of mass murder in her neighborhood. Sad but not unbelivable.

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