Why can't I?

July 11, 2009
By Gothic_Princess BRONZE, Bainbridge, Ohio
Gothic_Princess BRONZE, Bainbridge, Ohio
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You stare so blankly,
At a t.v. you can't even see.
You strain your ears to listen,
Yet you can't even hear a sound.
What's it like?
To live in a world of darkness,
So quiet and soundless?
Why can,t I fix it,
Make it all go away?

You try to reach out,
To give a feeble hug.
You try to feel the ground beneath you,
But you can,t even move your legs.
What happened,
You were so healthy.
You can't show your emotions,
You can't show your awake,
Your too weak to open your eyes.

You try to tell them
That your in such pain,
You try to tell them
But no sound emits.
Why can't you heal?
Was it me,
Was it you?
Why can't i fix it?

But you cant tell me,
I can't imagine...
I want to know you,
but you can't tell me.

Is this life's cruel joke?
The master plan?
Why can't i fix it?

The author's comments:
Most of my work has meanings behind them,the dark ones comes from periods of depression and the happy are usually from times when im thinking about that special person in my life...this one though im not sure of its meaning,it just came to me one day and i found it very good. But i know this is reality for some kids and their family members so maybe the meaning lies within the individual...So im leaving it up to you,tell me the meaning as it applies to you.

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