The Unseeing Eyes See All

July 10, 2009
By Danni_Lynn BRONZE, Akron, Ohio
Danni_Lynn BRONZE, Akron, Ohio
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The unseeing eyes see all
The ways of the heartless world
Of the grief-stricken widow
Of the orphan child
Of the murderer who caused it all

The unhearing ears hear all
The hustle and bustle of the city
The sorrowful mourning of the dead
The ignored cries of the abused
The last breaths of the victims

The untasting lips taste all
The cold rain on an autumn day
The salty tears that run down the face
The cold meal left for the broken
The rusty blood of the slaughtered

The unsmelling nose smells all
The smog from the factory’s smoke stack
The aroma of the perfume he bought her
The foul scent of flesh burnt by cigarette
The breath stained by lack of food and hygiene

The unfeeling hands feel all
The uneven aluminum of the houses’ siding
The stringy, unkempt hair of despair
The frail, shattered bones of the desperate
The sharp blade of bloody death

The author's comments:
I was in a really weird place when I wrote this piece, but I am very proud of it.

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