To A China Doll

July 10, 2009
By SpunkyLittleThing BRONZE, Fishers, Indiana
SpunkyLittleThing BRONZE, Fishers, Indiana
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To A China Doll

High on a shelf
You look down at me
I look up at you
My China Doll

Perfectly curled
Brown chestnut hair
Porcelain skin
My China Doll

Collecting dust
I musn’t touch
Must be so lonely
Upon that shelf

You among dolls
Are a jewel among stones
Though a stone, if’t were thrown
Would end the beauty that is you

We are one in the same
You and I
You cannot speak
But I can hear

Your thoughts, your dreams
Your hopes, your fears
All audible to me
With worldless clarity

Alas, no one on this earth shall know
The hurt, the hope, the love, the sorrow
The dreams, the laughs, the heart, the soul
All held within my China Doll

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