Dear Mom

July 10, 2009
By Anonymous

Dear Mom,
I know that you can't read this
Or hear me when I say
I've been thankful for you every minute of every day
It's a sad thing that you're gone
And I cried for very long
Because I never got to tell you
Goodbye, farewell, so long

With all the love left in my heart
And all the love that you gave me
It is hard now now that we're apart
Since God took you away from me

I know it was your time
You suffered for so long
It still seems like a crime
'Cause you were oh so young

Now that you're looking down on me
My own guardian angel up above
I feel much safer knowing
You'll always be right there for me

So thank you very much
I love you to much for words
I only wish i had told you
Before you left this world

Your Daughter with Love,


The author's comments:
no worries. my mom is alive and healthy and everythin in the family is good. this is totally not my real life, but i do love my mom to death.

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