When the site crashed:a free verse rhyming poem about tokio hotel

July 10, 2009
By Xyleena BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
Xyleena BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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I've been sitting for a while now,
cause something flipping broke.
The whole site is down,
is this some sick joke?
The fanfic's all finished,
I'm ready to boast,
but the forum is down,
got nowhere to post.
so I'm writing this poem,
keeping my self busy,
and down at the site,
they better be in a tizzy.
Hell,and while I'm at this,
though i know i have no choice,
Bill got dreads?
God i wish i had a voice.
Do you miss the floofy mane?
Raise your hand if you do.
Sorry,that's your brother's thing,not yours too.
Phone's ringing off the hook,
though commissions are finished,
now they want their own book.
And my free time's diminished
So,my music blasting,
and pen in my hand,
I write and i draw,
I'm at their command.
Now this is bizarre,
one with Strify AND Bill?
As cats in a hammock
by a tree,on a hill?
Well,I'll ink it and scan it,
and send it on it's way...
But wait,
Where i send it is in dismay!
Now my COMMISSIONS are backed up,
my ENTERTAINMENT has vanished,
and it feels as so,
from the site I've been BANISHED.
the site's up!
and I'm feeling quite gay,
so goodbye,
I'll be off;
On my WAY!

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