July 10, 2009
By purplemango SILVER, Ann Arbor, Michigan
purplemango SILVER, Ann Arbor, Michigan
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A lullaby of waves,
The blue blanket of water,
The small grains of sand
Each sliding through my toes.

Ignorant, yet blissed.

The breath of wind
Whipping my hair,
Covering my mouth,
As I laugh, gleefully

The smell of heavily applied sunscreen,
And the pasta cooking,
Brewing on the stove
To be devoured that night.

Ignorant, yet blissed.

With the carelessness of playful kittens,
My sister and I,
Jump the waves,
Pick up shell after shell.

“Look at this one,” she calls.
She could be pointing to a blade of grass
For all I know.
I’m in my own world.

Ignorant, yet blissed.

A world where nothing matters,
Not the cancer of my grandma,
Nor the sun beginning to set,
No, none of this matters.

Grinning at my sister,
I do a cartwheel.
As free as an acrobat,
Casting long shadows across the sand.

Ignorant, yet blissed.

When would I realize
That this was the last time?
The last time in this seventh heaven,
The last time I’d see my grandma.

The seagulls squawking,
The sun setting,
The blackberries further down the road.
When would I realize?

Ignorant, yet blissed.

Gleeful, joyful, surrounded by family,
Blissful, peaceful, and so alive.
Alive, not to realize she’d soon be dead.
Alive, not to realize it’d all be over.

And as I walk beside my big sister,
The last of the sun waving goodbye,
The chatter growing softer,
Everything fading before I step outside my fantasy.

So ignorant, yet so blissed.

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem to remember my favorite place in the World -- Stinson Beach in California. It seemed as if the magic of that place has been slowly seeping out of me, and I needed to catch the last few drops on paper before it all left. Yes, it's true that a few months after this poem takes place, my Grandma died and I have never been back there since. Sometimes I wonder if it would ever have the same feeling if I went back without my Grandma. Now reader, I hope that you got the feeling of joy and magic I did when I was at this beach and I want you to know that no matter what happens, you have memories that can help you through the hard times. :)

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