Love's Pyre

July 10, 2009
By RisingPhoenix BRONZE, Hudson, Massachusetts
RisingPhoenix BRONZE, Hudson, Massachusetts
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My world is dark and in shadows
But something has come as the dark goes
Away to be replaced by the new ruler of the sky.
The birds like my hope and passions are ready to fly

In the dawn of this new day,
With these newly opened eyes I must say,
In this magical time of twilight,
Even the fiery orb can not burn with passion as bright.

As I gazed upon God's Canvas from on the grass,
Feeling more redeemed than the sinner at mass,
A new world with you is all I desire.
I should have know my soul was going to be burnt in the pyre.

I am ready to burst with rage.
Why did I ever let my heart fly from its cage?
Just another victim of Fate’s cruel plan.
Born to only die as a lonely man.

The burning already in its wane.
Distractions needed to help me feel sane
And to extinguish this dying flame.
Nothing will be the same

Try as I might
Even in the night
It burns on
And on

Yet I never want it to die
No matter how many times to myself I lie.
My dream in that mystical entity,
The phoenix, shall rise up in all its divinity

Let lovers be blind
Even if it is of the mind.

The author's comments:
This was a piece I wrote last summer when I was feeling so frustrated with my life. Unrequited love is so diificult, and this piece actually marked a turning point in my summer where I did what I could to forget her. However no matter what she will always have a place in my heart.

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