A victim of False Admiration

July 9, 2009
By Mezzy munshi BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Mezzy munshi BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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I turn back,
looking at the once colorful road on which we set our feet and drifted across,
now looks like a mirror of sorrow to me.
made were
of love,
But now , my love has been left stripped of your mutuality,
walking away you are with another,
solemnly I stand in the cold,
as you and her get into your carriage,
dressed in white she is ,
black u faze.
The kiss of your eternal bliss still glistens on your lips.
Not once you look back at me ,
not once glance at the sorrow you left crushing me ,
striding away with her you are.
Look back once,
and you will remember
the promises we made,
the love we had,
the plans we were to pursue,
now just left with you as a old chapter of life,
but here you left my book burning.
Fallen I have,
but your arms were around another.
I grasp my gown, tearing at it are my sorrows,
the world crashes down around me into shreds of glass,
stepping through all I leave my footsteps pricked in blood behind.
You see me,
yet act as If I am the unseen
stop I do at the gate of entrance,.
Now what seems like my gate to eternal sorrow.
I am to be a prisoner of your love forever.

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