The Dream

July 9, 2009
By AshtonNight BRONZE, Cedar Park, Texas
AshtonNight BRONZE, Cedar Park, Texas
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Please don't interrupt me while i'm trying to ignore you.

In the dream there was a beautiful prairie that had daisies, roses, blue bonnets and any flower you could possibly think of. The sun snuggly hugged me, warming up my cold, sad, lonely body while I lay in the lush green grass. Off in the distance I could hear the crytal clear creek running. Everything around me, the chirping birds, the water running, the slight breeze just barely skimming my face, soon turned into a lullaby slowly soothing my pain. It was telling me to stop worrying and to just sleep. I took one last big breath in of the crip fresh air. Then a butterfly gently landed on my nose.

The author's comments:
I Wrote this when I was in 7th Grade. So, When I was 13 years old.

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