the crazy is getting to me

July 9, 2009
By abby drummond BRONZE, Carlsbad, California
abby drummond BRONZE, Carlsbad, California
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the man on the moon his eyes are following me
i close my eyes so i wont see
when i look in the mirrior i can see it happening
no matter hoW many mirrors i smash its all the same
i look its not me ive changed
whats supposed to be me
is gone
who i am now i dont know
a forigen face
but ive been to no new place
i call the cops to help me
help me find the person who stole my identity
they put the cuffs on me
CALL ME CRAZY they are staring at me
in disbelif after they beat me they are sick of me asking
whats happening to me?!
something only i can see
it becomes my reality
they take me to my prison
an insane asylum
every wall is filled
with mirrors i cant smash
my thoughts are clouding my mind but i had no marijuanna no hash
so i looked i took
my extra stash in the corner of my mind
i thouGht it wasnt there
but i looked and now im able to find
i pull it out and light it up
what the ***
the smoke is nothing
its not even bliss
my mind is going insane i look up
what have i missed
a reality
that i dont want to be apart of me
someone bring me my clarity ,
in the moment im lost
today isnt tomorrow
and soon it will be the end of me
take me out of this mental prison
the bomb in my mind is ticking
when it explodes im going to lose control
when i wake up in the morning its starts again
the mental reality will never sett in
because these mirrors i want to smash are

The author's comments:
it is about psychology and a sense of psychosis. its a really hard hitting poem

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