Apple of My Eye

July 9, 2009
By Anonymous

Apple of my eye
You said goodbye
As time moved on
You were gone
As distance grew
So did my need of you
I've never seen you quite like this before
But ever since you walked through that open door
All I've ever felt is love and regret
'Cause you were the only one that i could ever get
We understood each other so perfectly
But you were only a good friend to me
I always knew you liked me more than that
And now I wish that I had given you a chance
But it's all in the past
I should have known it wouldn't last
If only I had made you stay
Imagine how things would be today
But instead you went away
And everyday I pray
That you will return to me someday

The author's comments:
I wrote that a few years ago, too. It wasn't about anybody though some beg to differ. lol I just started writting and rhyming and that's were it took me, i guess.

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