Freak Show

July 10, 2009
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Freak Show

I scream

And push against the glass

Smashing fists

Into the surface

Trying to break through

Telling you to back off

And stop the stare

I'm not a freak show

You can't pay ten cents to watch me

Pull my hair out

Slashing skin

And breaking bones

Bleeding hearts

Stop looking at me

With those judgemental eyes

Can you stand

When he asks if you've done no wrong?

I never admitted i could

So dont act like you can

Don't press your ugly face

Against the glass

I'm not giving you my story

Unseeing eyes

Trying to see inside this soul

Filled with holes

You dont understand why they're there

See that crack in the glass

It's spreading

And making me free

As soon as i get out

I'm going to put you in here

With me

Experience hell on earth

With me

Wont you?

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