when ends meet

July 9, 2009
By Anonymous

there was a time
when you told me
it was gonna be okay
you and me

but then everything
we had, changed
and we've never
been the same

theres times today
you tell me
dont worry
im happy

but i see the tears
you hold
the new ones
and the old

and i say

dont worry
im here
ill help you
fight your fears

if not now
were meant to be
im sure we will
when ends meet

i hope you see
what i see
in the future
you and me

i love you
you love me
in the end
its meant to be

when ends meet
we'll be together
no matter what
it'll last forever

when ends meet
we'll look at each other
and say it doesnt matter how long it took
atleast were together today

deep in me
i finally see
the completeness
we could be

dont worry
ill be here
just wait you'll see
when ends meet

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