Harmony in Madness

July 9, 2009
By jojo8221016 GOLD, Miami, Florida
jojo8221016 GOLD, Miami, Florida
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"You're only given a little spark of madness. You mustn't lose it." -Robin Williams

I don’t want to be a wallflower.

I want to be myself
I want to run until I can’t.
Jump into the ocean naked, free as my bare skin
Not giving a damn.
I want to smile until my teeth crack,
And laugh so hard my insides hurt.

I want to be conscious of the finish line.
I want to remain grounded
I want to be the keeper of a secret
Maintain comfortable silences between conversations.

I want opposites to attract
First kisses that don’t end in disaster
Parents that never stop loving one another

I want to color outside of the lines
I want some things to be left undefined
For there to be as many perspectives as there are people

I want humans to consider themselves as one race
And not kill in the name of God

I want the world to be clean.

I want the starving to eat until their stomachs burst like firecrackers
And drink water until it flows from them like endless rain
I want natural disasters to be a thing of the past
And a cure to be in the near future.

I want equality.

For the teacher, the fireman, and the park ranger
To be appreciated as much as the celebrity or the NBA star.

I want life to be a mystery.
I want to question theories
Seek answers to the impossible.

I want to see the beauty in everything.

The significance in the insignificant
Friendship to be colorblind,
Nations to collaborate,
I want peace in the world.

Harmony in madness.

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