July 9, 2009
By callalily BRONZE, Eldersburg, Maryland
callalily BRONZE, Eldersburg, Maryland
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When I see your face I should not quiver beneath my skin,
I should blush and smile, but not show my teeth when I do smile,
You don’t like too much teeth,
So I share no teeth,

I want to want the feel of your palm on mine as we dance in the nicest clubs,
I can never get my footing right,
Though you do not care… in public,
You just smile when I do and joke with your friends,
“I’ll straighten her out someday!”
They laugh and clink glasses for they think they know… your just kidding

Though when we get home it starts right away,
I close my eyes and think of home,
Not they large house we live in now,
But the cottage with my grandmamma that I grew up in

Once I’ve lived through every peaceful moment with her once more,
You are done, asleep and if I’m dreaming sweet dreams tonight, dead.

The author's comments:
this is dedicated to all women, children, and men who have ever been in an abusive relationship

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