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July 9, 2009
By Dynasty0218 BRONZE, Stratford, Connecticut
Dynasty0218 BRONZE, Stratford, Connecticut
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Praise us
Honor us
Respect us

We have both served and given
To A woman we all adorn.
Her beauty is breathtaking from
Sea to shining sea.
Majestic mountains and prosperous plains
To the potent people with prestigious personalities.
Oh America, Oh America

We’ve saluted you
We’ve praised you.
We’ve honored you

We’ve had hope,
We’ve lost hope.
From the wet monsoons to the scorching deserts.
We’ve never lost sight of your
Red, white, and blue.

Now it’s time for our honor.
For our praise
For our salutes.

This is how we want to be remembered.

Our valiance be praised
Our courage too.
May we never forget those who died
And never made it back.
Their lives lost but their spirits true.
Never will they be forgotten.

So, may those who’ve lost
a brother,
a son,
a mother,
a father.
Always remember them and we will honor them too.

Praise us
Honor us
Respect us

The author's comments:
This poem was originally made for veterans of all past wars America has been involved in.

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