The Creature

July 9, 2009
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Unknown to man is this infernal plight
removing happiness by day and night.
Misfortune corrupts geniuses’ goals
by changing good to bad as dark as coal.
Created thoughtfully for needy men,
the creature’s intellect surpassed a ten.
But intellect is futile when without
the ability needed during doubt.
Because of uncontrolled desire for good,
horrific details were not understood.
The night the creature had become conceived
began its path to leave its lord deceived.
Upon awakening from length sleep,
the monster broke from his confining heap
of shackles and began a quest of doom.
The monster hid from man in some dark room
building vast arms to demonstrate its skill
by proving its ability to kill.
A multitude of homicides took place
because it tried to decimate our race.
The monster’s evil soon gave him a fate
of death in war against our vengeful state.
My destiny in this pathetic cell
results from flaws to wish man to excel.
A genius can alter mankind’s course,
but once cannot define his means or source.

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