Peace follows the destruction of war

July 8, 2009
By IheartAsuka BRONZE, Rockland, Maine
IheartAsuka BRONZE, Rockland, Maine
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He had a dream to become a writer
But instead he became a soldier
He sits in his bunk as he wonders why
remembers that girl he left behind
He lies asleep and dreams

That little boy without a father
That burden on his mother
She speaks of peace, love, and freedom
While he fights a war of hate and oppression

He wakes
Middle of the night
Familiar sounds that determine who is wrong and who is right.
He watches his brothers die
He wishes it were him
He wishes they could just stay alive

She told him before he left
“when you come back we'll be married... wed.”
“And if you don't I'll always remember that angel who fought and died was always mine.”

Her angel so perfectly flawed
She doesn't see his self-harm and mutilation
The scars cover his body
She doesn't care this burden he's left her to bare
That little boy without his father
She loves him more than anything
She'd rather he fight with pen and paper
She just wants him back in her arms
The letters he writes cant cover the wounds on her heart
She wishes the boy had his father
but wishes and dreams can't make his hands clean

He came back to her
and they were wed... but he is not the same
He's beaten and broken
Halo fallen
Wings broken
She wants her angel back
She wants to help him
Protect him from his demons
She can't, She can't

He drinks
He cries out as he remembers
remembers the faces
He drinks
Tries to drown the pain
He remembers those he could not save
She still loves him
He never hits her
He never hurts her
He cuts himself instead
He hurts himself instead

He decides he'll end his pain
Was his life lost in vain?

Still she loves him even though he's gone
That little boy holding on to his mother
Longing for his father
She raises the boy the only thin that remains of her love
That little boy became a soldier
Lying in his bunk
He remembers his mother
He remembers that girl he left behind
She loved him more than anything
And in that desert he found his father
The silver start placed upon his chest
Saved his brothers from eternal rest

The man returns now to his mother
and returns to that gorgeous girl
He picks up pen and paper, To tell the story of his father.

“He had a dream to become a writer.”

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on Jan. 17 2010 at 12:13 am
ShernayB. DIAMOND, Southfield, Michigan
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Favorite Quote:
"Some things will never change"---Tupac

WoWWWWWW. i have no words for this. Completely speechless. WoWWWWWW

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