Girl Untold

July 8, 2009
By stephanie_miranda PLATINUM, Reston, Virginia
stephanie_miranda PLATINUM, Reston, Virginia
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Behind the scenes of life, when the truth comes out and reveals itself

You see the girl untold, the unfiltered life of a troubled soul.

The raw personality comes out of hiding and her anger comes pouring out.

The life she’s lived has hurt her.

She has tried and tried to block out the pain

She has tried so hard to make things right but it has proved vain.

By day she is a camera girl but at night she cuts herself to drain herself of her pain

With people she is happy but by herself she is an unhappy soul with a past to forget.

She drowns in her tears and never has a chance to catch her breath

Without her knife she is lost but with it she is nothing.

Seeing the blood run down her arm empowers her but it makes her feel little and like she has no purpose.

She hides her pain, she shields her pain, she runs from it

Girl untold is what she is, her story is not told and no one knows.

She is the girl that has no place.

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