July 8, 2009
By girlzrool1992 GOLD, Chittenango, New York
girlzrool1992 GOLD, Chittenango, New York
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" no one can make you feel inferior with out your consent" E. Roosevelt

I gave you everything
when you had nothing
I picked you up when you were down
I didn’t care what people said
I wanted to be with you
I tried to keep you from going insane
but in the end
I ended up going crazy

I told you my dreams and my secrets
too quickly you took them
and made them your own
You lied and you cheated
you smashed my heart into a million pieces
then you acted like you cared
In the end
I was the bad guy
and I was the one that broke your heart

with out you I was lost
because you controlled
my every step
my every move
my every word
You tell me you love and miss me
then again you try to control me
but now your realizing that you cant
Let me control you for a day
and your every step
your every move
your every word
will you change after that
Now I think I'll let you go
like I should have along time ago.

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