Not Even Near

July 12, 2009
By Anonymous

If I'm the lock
and your the key
why is it such a mystery
That you are there
and I am here
when your not even near
sitting alone when nobodys home
sleeping till the moon comes out
shining down
on this town
fading from dawn to dusk
while everything begins to rust
in the still of the night
in the moonlight
everything glistens
with all its might
sleeping slowly
breathing softly
your chest heaves a sigh
and when you were a little boy
your ambitions were set to reach the sky
be quick
dont make a sound
take a step and look around
begin ur downfall
slow and quick
barely thinking
being slick
when she knows
your nose shall grow
from all your pretty lies
the ones about how you feel
and if your about to cry
hold on close
hang on tight
you can tell that girl will cry
when you have to let her go
spread your wings and begin to fly
and if ur sitting reading this
I wonder if youll really miss
who needs you close
loves u most
until it all declines
Like movies with vines
and national Holidays
where hands meet
and the grounds warm on ur feet
where the sunshines down
and wisdoms found in this small town
when your not here
or in this case
not even near

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