The Mask

July 12, 2009
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Her mask is black
Her mask is blue
Her mask hides the secrets she keeps from you
If you ask why, she won’t explain
For so long she’s hid the pain
She’s got it all it’s in her blink
The looks the money so in sync

Her mask is black
Her mask is blue
All this time her pain has grew
Secretly she bleeds to stop the tears
She’s covered it up for so many years
Its been a while since the blood has flown
Her years of abuse are to others unknown

Her mask is black
Her mask is blue
At the office the others ask
Why it is she wears a mask
She knows she was wrong when she said ‘I do’
Now her body is all black and blue
Just like her mask that she still wears
Her body is being filled with tears
But each day, slowly, it wears off
She’s so weak all she does is cough

Her mask is black
Her mask is blue
The pain is evident they hope she’s through
She knows she loves him or so she says
Her name is Mrs. Kami Cortez
Tonight he’s mad she knows at her
She’s finally seeing through the blur

Her mask is black
Her mask is blue
She cries at night if they only knew
She covers it up with a lie
If she doesn’t get out she will surely die
So she packs quietly in the night
She can’t go far ‘cause money is tight

Her mask is black
Her mask is blue
He’s passed out---it’s surely her que
When he wakes, she’s full of fright
He hits her once with all his might
One blow it took for heavens sake
They all cry at her wake
They know he killed her but have no proof
Forever now, he will run aloof

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baby_g2011 said...
Jul. 18, 2009 at 6:25 am
this poem wld have to be the best poem i've ever read an actually got what it meant... lol great poem lil bro :)
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