O, Sailor

July 12, 2009
O, Sailor,
How were you to know
The ship would sink that night?
The vessel cracked
And the water seeped in
And you had no other choice
But to save yourself.

Now you bravely navigate
These violent seas
And squint your eyes
To see through the fog
Day after day, tirelessly.

O, Sailor,
You never knew how much
Hatred you'd harbor within yourself
For the seas which stole
Your sweetheart away.

Yet you carried on
Day after day,
Against the wind,
The snow, rain, and hail.
You followed your compass that
Spun endlessly like the tornadoes at bay
Steering this way and that way
Never stopping until the sun has
Taken its seat upon the orange horizon.

At night,
When your men tuck themselves away
Under blankets, into corners,
You're left alone
To cry over your sweetheart
Whom the sea stole away.

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