A Simple Goodbye

July 12, 2009
By angie hunt BRONZE, Hopedale, Massachusetts
angie hunt BRONZE, Hopedale, Massachusetts
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I was always afraid it would end
Forever we would be apart
And somehow I always knew that you would break my heart

The pain that I feel I brought upon myself
For it is I who said good bye
Because I needed something else

It shocks me still that I would end it all
For I thought it would always be you
But it was I who made the call

I didn’t know what to say
Thoughts raced through my head
All that I was trying to say is that out friendship was dead

Everything you said was perfect
Making it hard for me to speak
And every time I spoke I would feel so weak

Then you would make the smallest comment
Reassuring me of my decision
But you didn’t see these comments, they were blocked from your vision

Eventually the truth was out
It was hard for me to let go
And I’m sure it was for you, but you’d never let it show

Next was the hardest part
It’s when you said goodbye
And then at that moment I began to cry

You said it in such a way
A way I cannot explain
But when I think back it sounds exactly the same

It hurt me more than anything had ever hurt me before
Just a simple goodbye
And now there’s nothing more

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