The Rejection of the City MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

The metropolis swells
Of lurching steel frames
The people are its cells
Andthe streets are its veins
One thousand limbs crawling it expands andgrows
To consume all earth's goods
And fight the franchises'foes

You are the product of yesterday's idiot box set forth to make yourliving
The opportunity of the city reflects in glazed eyes
Your brain ispickled in a plethora of materialism and years of public education
Bar-codedand on the shelf, fit for consumption
Camouflaged brand-new black powersuit
Like fresh canned country air that doesn't expire for anothermonth

When executives choose not to peel you from the mold before theexpiration date
You go sour and all is lost
You sink beneath the concreteocean's floor
And peer up to view the war
You watch the crested waves turnto frothy blood
And the hopeless steps of millions pound above
Thebrainwashed middle-aged army of business men and cops, stockbrokersand
lawyers pound you down and surround you
The almighty ocean crest breaksand crashes down upon you
But can you get up in those high heels?

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