This pain i have

July 6, 2009
By Anonymous

i have this feeling
no one would understand
it hurts me inside
that i wont barely cry
you have replace me
im no longer with you
i feel so empty
their someone else
you call her yours
its like im not even here
i feel our bond is broken
you were someone but to you im no one
i can't explain how i feel
we use to talk
but your words are been express to another
i am scared to talk
i feel that i might just burst
you made me this person
and i feel i can hurt
i feel so much rage i try not to say
no words no motion
just me as a normal person
i dont look at you the same i just see you as a person
a person with no friendship
someone i can no longer talk to
i cant share that emotion
you hurt me and now im being replace by someone else..

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