does he even know

July 6, 2009
By STEELMADEHEART BRONZE, Philadephia, Pennsylvania
STEELMADEHEART BRONZE, Philadephia, Pennsylvania
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Current mood: bouncy
Does he know i like him and want to be his girl put myself on the line even if it meant expressing how i felt to the world.

Does he know everytime i see him my kness start to shake my face so damn beet red body temputere so hot it could burst into flames like a earth quake.

Does he even know i no his name oh yeah i gotta from his math test he failed got a sixtyfive i wish i was a expert at that subject so maybe i could give him private lesson becuase this love connect i have for him is like no other.... god sent him to me maybe he's my blessin. Cant even look at him with out blusing.Cant no longer feel my pause oops i think my heart just drop through my draws.

Does he even know i see our future our kids that will live this earth tell there children how we met
it will be such a great filling but until that day i just try to take it one step and hopes for that moment as the day go by slow does he ever wonder or even cared to know how i feel for him i want him to feel 4 me in return got me feeling worst then usher i can no longer let it burn so boo come to me and i show you what a real wifey can be unlike those other girls i like 2 call groupies.

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