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July 6, 2009
By DreamingPoet89 DIAMOND, Hillsboro, Ohio
DreamingPoet89 DIAMOND, Hillsboro, Ohio
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Life without love , is no life at all

Well they say to
write a "happy" poem
that my words
are too dark
and morbid for the world
so, here it goes
I have things
in my life
that make me happy
love is a beautiful thing
makes you happy
makes you feel alive
something to believe in
hope is all I have
and your love to save me
I feel no more pain
now that I have you
forever my heart will live
and I'll be glad
for once
I'll see thw world
in different colors
and not worry
set some things in order
think of our lives
and hope one day
can't wait to spend
forever with you
So, I'm trying now
a little harder
to be a lil happy

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