July 6, 2009
By william GOLD, Commerce, Texas
william GOLD, Commerce, Texas
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let not the water, but the emotions splash out of the waterly clouds. each nugde on the skin, a new feeling aroused.

rainfall is rainfall, even from the eyes, it can nurture some things, but others drown and die.

a weary soul in the restless ksy floats down upon the cheek of the sad little eyes. on a bad day of them all, the rain continues to fall, making it that much worse, wet fists in balls.

on your day of praise, everyone you maid, it begans to rain, and it all goes away. the rain may stop falling from the sinister clouds, but for you on the ground the rain pours down.

the rain is a curious thing, it makes alot of things worse, but can add beauty and sing.

a couple will stand below the sinester clouds but they win the battles, all smilles not down.

a snapshot of paridice in the rain. it brings life to all, but can break any emotional wings, and then find out how much a cold rain drop could sting.

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