July 6, 2009
By maria carrillo BRONZE, Bonita Springs, Florida
maria carrillo BRONZE, Bonita Springs, Florida
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You said that im strong, but I am no where near that.
All I am is weak and helpless.
I act like I can handle whatever you have to say to me...
But can't you see me die inside?
The pain that my eyes show?
How I stay still and don't react to your poisonous words at that moment?
When I'm alone in my dark room, I let everything out: the tears, the pain, the hurt, the anger, the fear, and the vunerability that I dare not show in front of you.
All of those feelings unshown to you for the reason of being scarred that you won't confide in me,
That you'll reject me as your daughter,
That you're embarressed by me not being able to toughen up like you.
All these feelings don't define tough and strong but define cold-hearted, uncaring, and emotionless.
So why is it that you can't see that I'm weak and helpless, but most of all not strong.

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