Wait For Me

July 6, 2009
I wanted you.
I thought I hated the game
We were playing, the
Tentative dance of liking
Whispered words from
Trusted mouths find
Their way into my ears.
Their ghastly shadows
Force a place into
My heart, muddling its clarity.
Views of what I want
Are now full of shadows.
Your face, once so clear,
Is hidden in a cloud of uncertainty.
I collapse in on myself,
Tears forming a moat,
Memories of heartache
Hardening into stone walls.
All alone, I struggle to
Make sense of this new
Landscape, searching for escape.
My eyes catch on a ladder-
The climb is hard, but
On the way I am
Reunited with myself.
On the other side, the
Shadows whisper and
Shrink away, revealing
Emptiness- you did not
Wait for me.

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