Your Waves

July 8, 2009
By Dawn.Angelicca PLATINUM, Edison, New Jersey
Dawn.Angelicca PLATINUM, Edison, New Jersey
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I crawl to you like the waves crawl back to shore.
I cling to you as foam clings onto the loose embrace
Of a sand mound shaped by the fingers of tides.
Our home is like a sand castle—fragile, delicate—
Moments away from crumbling down.
Around me you dig your moat—I am trapped,
I am damned to your eternal reign.
We are like sand puppets dancing on the shore,
Breathless before our kingdom surrenders to the water.
Some mornings when you are asleep,
I cross the draw bridge to escape from you,
Exploring my life without you in it.
Everywhere I turn I see that endless horizon
Into which ships carry freedom, beckoning me to follow.
But, instead, you follow me.
Every breath I take fills my lungs with ocean air.
You suffocate me with your alkaline possession,
But I stumble back to you because you're a safe haven.
Though I swim out towards the horizon,
Your waves always push me back to shore,
And I do not resist.

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